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Climate protection, infrastructure and sustainable finance advisory

Client: German and European public institutions


We have in the past and are currently advising various German and European public clients (e.g. ministries, public credit institutions, economic cooperation organisations) on the planning, assessment, implementation and financing of climate protection and sustainability measures. Through our work, we support, for example, the selection of effective funding measures or the development of markets for climate protection investments.


- Mapping of climate protection potentials and investments
- Calculation of investment needs and identification of investment gaps in relation to the Paris targets
- Analysis and evaluation of climate protection concepts
- Development of financing mechanisms and economic viability calculations


Thanks to our assistance, public sector clients have been able to demonstrate the following successes:

- Development of convincing strategies in international climate change financing for public partnerships
- Successful financing of concepts and measures for the development of sustainable and climate-friendly infrastructures
- Selection, promotion and implementation of effective climate protection measures

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